What is a Home Cell?

Petra Home Cells takes Church beyond the four walls of a building and the regular Sunday-Sunday meetings. It creates opportunities for members to create meaningful and beneficial relationships.

By engaging in weekly interactive studies tailored around relevant issues we face in our everyday life, in a fun and relaxed atmosphere, the Home Cell affords members the platform to open up and share their experiences, creating bonds that make life more enjoyable.

At the Home Cell, WE DO LIFE TOGETHER.


How does the Home Cell function?

The Home Cell operates a semester model of learning, where a semester runs for about 4-6 weeks with a video-based curriculum. Each semester, a new topic is discussed. In different homes across the city of Lagos, communities of believers meet for 1 hour every week to discuss & learn to how make the most of their lives. Everyone watches a video lesson taught by Pastor Ayo, where after they discuss the video with the help of a workbook. The conversation doesn’t end after the meeting. With the help of various social platforms members are encouraged to share their triumphs as well as their challenges in following through with the lessons from each week’s lesson.

Joining a Home Cell has tremendous benefits. You have a close knit body of believers you get to share life’s precious moments with. There are people around you to provide support and cover in our times of need.


When is the next Home Cell semester?

A new semester of the Home Cell meetings begins on Sunday, October 16th 2016 with a video based curriculum titled “Where is God on Monday?”


How do I join a Home Cell?

To find a home cell nearest to you and locate a Home Cell leader close to you, please check the list of locations below. You’d get a notification of the closest Home Cell to you with details of the Home Cell leader. Someone is sure to reach you and invite you to do life together.


Do I have to be a member of Petra Christian Centre?

No. You do not have to be a member of Petra Christian Centre to join a Home Cell group.