The family is the bedrock of society. When we get marriage and relationships right, we get the family right and by consequence the society benefits. This is what Family Life and Marriage Enrichment School (FLAMES) aims to achieve.

In this 3-week intensive and practical school, participants are taken through “no-holds-barred” sessions on topics that border on Marriage and Family. Classes are taken by seasoned and experienced counselors and professionals.

Held in two phases twice a year, spice up your marriage by attending the next FLAMES.

Newly weds, Kehinde and Thomas Ishie were participants at the last FLAMES and have this to say:

“At the last FLAMES, we gained an understanding that our differences in personality and background is bound to affect our individual perspectives of life. This has helped us become more accommodating with habits and traits we would normally not tolerate. The classes in communication and conflict resolution especially taught us to express ourselves and grievances in the right manner. Thus, we are now resolute about solving conflicts together.”
– Kenny and Thomas Ishie

To be a participant at the next FLAMES, send an email to us at flames@petracc.org to be notified about the event.